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Management Services

Our team is experienced and innovative, and view organizations from a total systems perspective. We partner with our clients to help them accelerate results in the near term and institutionalize program management processes. Kalman will provide experienced staff to enable program leadership to effectively plan, program, manage, and execute critical mission requirements. Our team is prepared to advise and assist senior leaders, managers, and process owners in defining goals and objectives, identifying stakeholders, developing progress/success metrics, and in leveraging opportunities for best value solutions.

Program Management

Kalman’s intuitive program management includes management of projects which, together, improve the performance of the organization. Kalman’s team provides centralized authority and responsibility for planning, organizing, staffing, monitoring and controlling, and leading combined efforts for the management of programs throughout a system’s lifecycle. Kalman’s team of management professionals are skilled at adapting and applying lessons learned to overcome challenges and drive program success. Kalman’s management professionals will ensure the quality of technical products supports scheduled milestones; provide effective staffing and resource utilization coincident with program objectives; and manage resources to accommodate work priorities.

Strategic Planning & Policy Development

The right strategy can mean the difference between success and failure. Kalman’s management services team provides advice and analytical consultative services to DoD and other Government clients to develop strategies and policies for effectively initiating, developing, acquiring, sustaining, and managing systems and services.

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Kalman & Company, Inc. is dedicated to building business partnerships with companies that share our core values and can complement our talented professional workforce with the technical expertise to solve the most complex problems of our clients.

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